Links Policy

Links Policy

For Web Sites Owned by Net Line, LLC

Net Line, LLC, for and on behalf of all of its web sites, has established this disclosure and policy statement regarding external links to comply with rules and regulations established by the Federal Trade Commission and others, as applicable.

The web site on which this disclosure is contained has hypertext links to other websites which may contain information, the source of which is by third parties and not Net Line, LLC, and/or any of its owners, staff or subcontractors.  Net Line, LLC, has no control, nor does it guarantee the information which may be contained on websites that are linked to websites owned by it.  Any views, representations or assertions made by third parties on linked websites, are those of the creator of those sites and not necessarily that of Net Line, LLC.
Websites that are linked to by Net Line, LLC, may track visitors internet surfing habits.

Net Line, LLC may allow links to be placed by third parties to our website(s) with the understanding that such a link is not an endorsement of our website(s).

If you find any of the links on our websites to be broken, please contact us at admin (at)

This policy was last updated on 02-16-2011.

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